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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are Hot Areas

It is no secret that Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are hot technology sectors recently. Many have dubbed 2016 “The Year of VR.” A search of the USPTO database indicates that VR/AR patent applications have also shown strong growth as AR and VR hardware and software matures.

Virtual Reality Experience

There is a strong upward trend in AR/VR patent filings and we expect the 2017 patent publications to increase even more as many patent applications filed in 2016 become published in 2017.

AR/VR Patent Focus, Mason Boswell

Long before “The Year of VR,” Boswell IP attorneys, such as Mason Boswell, have been drafting AR/VR patent applications. Since 2012, we have drafted and prosecuted dozens of AR/VR patent application directed to Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) and software to be used with HMDs.

We understand the software challenges associated with generating an immersive experience, the “screen door effect,” and how haptics, audio, and visual combine to create presence, among other AR/VR concepts. If you need a patent attorney to protect your AR or VR idea, contact us.