"Mason, this is very good work in a very compressed frame of time. Thank you!" (VP at Online Startup Company)

Skilled Counsel

Software inventions come in many shapes and sizes, from web-based inventions to operating system internals. Mason Boswell of Boswell IP Law has broad experience protecting all types of software inventions.

Software Patents

A Patent Lawyer that Understands Software

Being a great software patent attorney means first being a great software engineer. Mason Boswell was a leading engineer before becoming a software patent attorney and has personally built and shipped numerous consumer applications, enterprise applications, web services, and games. Mason Boswell has created a number of software innovations of his own, leading to several patentable software inventions. For example, Mason holds a software patent for his work on network protocols for games.

Software IP Specialists

Software innovations are protectable not just with software patents, but also with other areas of intellectual property (IP) law. Mason Boswell has experience protecting software IP from many different angles, including:

  • utility patents related to methods, systems, computer-readable media, data structures, and data signals,
  • copyrights related to source code, binary code, firmware, and user interfaces,
  • design patents related to user interfaces and other designs, and
  • trade secrets related to all aspects of software.

Mason Boswell is a software IP attorney that knows and understands each of these aspects of software. If you need a software IP lawyer to protect your idea, please contact Boswell IP Law today.