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Using the Latest Technology to Serve Clients

Network CablesIt has been said that all a lawyer does is listen, speak, read, and write. While there is much truth to this, the ways in which a lawyer performs each of these activities has changed drastically over time. At Boswell IP Law we constantly seek new technologies to communicate with and serve our clients better.

Electronic Filing

In the last few years, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has significantly improved the ability to file documents electronically over the Internet. Boswell IP Law files documents electronically whenever possible and closely tracks advancements in this area. Electronic filing gets our clients' filings to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office sooner and reduces the processing time upon arrival as documents are electronically categorized when filed and do not wait to be manually categorized.

Docket Management

One of the most important software applications that an Intellectual Property attorney uses is docket management software, which manages the many dates and events that surround the filing of patents, trademarks, and other forms of intellectual property protection. We use the most cutting edge docket management software available to keep our attorneys and clients aware of all of the deadlines related to a case.

Paperless Office

We try to reduce the use of paper in our practice as much as possible. Documents that we receive are immediately scanned and indexed using the latest indexing software for easy retrieval. Most of our outgoing documents are produced and sent electronically, typically via e-mail. Faxes are received to our email inboxes. Each of these steps reduces the paper that we need dramatically. A paperless practice makes every document instantly available and easily transportable when we travel to visit our clients. In addition, the data that we store is routinely backed up and stored offsite so that in the event of a disaster our practice could be restored quickly without a loss of service to our clients.