"Turning my initial rambling notes into this very comprehensive and surprisingly readable (if dense) document is commendable." (Inventor at Game Company)

Fast-Paced Innovation

Electrical inventions come in many shapes and sizes, from FPGA implementation of software to advanced VLSI implementations. Mason Boswell of Boswell IP Law has broad experience working with all types of electrical inventions.

Semiconductor Chip

Skilled Counsel

Mason Boswell of Boswell IP Law worked as an electrical engineer for almost a decade and has written patents describing many semiconductor, computer hardware, memory, storage, and other electrical inventions. Mason holds Master's and Bachelor's degrees in electrical engineering, and attends many industry conferences to stay abreast of the latest technologies.

Electrical IP Specialists

We have experience protecting many different types of electrical inventions including FPGA, VLSI, CMOS, advanced processors, SATA controllers, and many more. Electrical inventions can be protected using many different angles of Intellectual Property law, and we can work with you to develop the strategy most appropriate your business. Mason worked on the team that developed the original Xbox and the Xbox 360, which included many custom hardware solutions.