"Mason, this is very good work in a very compressed frame of time. Thank you!" (VP at Online Startup Company)

Games Include Intellectual Property (IP)

Many inventors are initially surprised to learn that games have many patentable aspects. The popularity of games often leads to copying of ideas that could be prevented through proper protection. Boswell IP Law can help you identify protect able aspects of your game technology and craft an appropriate strategy.

Video Game Patents

Skilled Counsel

Mason Boswell of Boswell IP Law is a leading engineer, and personally built game-related technology and games. He was a developer on Microsoft's DirectX Team and later built technology included in the original Microsoft Xbox Game Console, Microsoft Xbox 360 Game Console and Microsoft Xbox Live online services. Mason uses his perspective to uniquely understand how to protect game-related technology.

Game Patent and IP Specialists

Our attorneys have experience with casual games, advanced graphics techniques, game physics, artificial intelligence, and many other areas directly related to games. Our attorneys speak at numerous technical conferences and are active participants in these organizations. Our attorneys also maintain their technical skills, often writing software in their free time and participating in open source projects that interest them.

We have experience protecting games from many different angles, including:

  • Utility patents related to methods, systems, computer-readable media, data structures, and data signals,
  • Copyrights related to source code, binary code, firmware, and user interfaces of your game idea.
  • Design patents related to user interfaces and other designs.