Thank You

At Boswell IP we are privileged to work with so many great clients.  Here's what our clients are saying about us:

"Thanks again for your great work on this case. You are quite an asset to your firm." (Senior Attorney at Fortune 50 Company)

"The feedback on your past work has been overwhelmingly positive, the inventors could not stop going on about your ability to understand their technology." (Attorney at Special Effects Studio)

"Thank you Mason for being generous with your time, wisdom, and advice yesterday, and for helping to inspire a young man with aspirations of being a patent attorney." (Colleague re: Mentoring)

"Mason, I wanted to say thanks very much for introducing me to this exciting opportunity and thinking about ways of helping other firms." (Colleague at Business Firm)

"It is extraordinary how you have thrown yourself into this project on such short notice. The project could not have been successfully completed without you." (Attorney at Fortune 50 Company)

"Turning my initial rambling notes into this very comprehensive and surprisingly readable (if dense) document is commendable." (Inventor at Game Company)

"Mason, this is very good work in a very compressed frame of time. Thank you!" (VP at Online Startup Company)

"Mason, THANK YOU! I appreciate all of your hard work." (Attorney at Online Company)

"To be honest both John and I are programmers, and this application seems very detailed and accurate." (Inventor at Game Company)

"Thanks Mason! Appreciate the good job, hard work, and attention." (Attorney at Data Storage Company)

Specialized Practice

Mason Boswell and Boswell IP Law specialize in protecting ideas in the software industry, electrical / electronic / computer industry, and in the game industry.

We offer advice regarding intellectual property law, how to patent an idea, software patent infringement, and related disciplines focusing on protecting your ideas.

Client Focused

Whether you are seeking protection for the first core idea of your business or adding to an existing portfolio, we tailor our approach to fit your needs and business goals.

Patent law is complex, so we work hard to make the process easy and explain the law in a way that gives you the information that you need to make important decisions.


Our relationships with our clients are very important to us. If you are ever dissatisfied for any reason, we encourage you to discuss it with us and we will make it right.

Although we strive to do a great job, we believe that there is always room for improvement and we partner with our clients to actively seek ways to make our services better.

Fixed Fees

We prefer to perform our services for fixed (rather than hourly) fees so that the focus is on client interaction and high quality work rather than the clock.

Fixed fees allow you to budget effectively for protecting your ideas and to contact us whenever you have questions.

Nationwide Reach

We believe that learning about your idea is best performed in person, so we prefer to travel to you to learn about your invention.

We serve clients all over the United States, and do not charge for travel costs.